Xiaomi to use BYD & CATL batteries for first BEV

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has reportedly chosen CATL and BYD as battery suppliers for its first electric car. According to the report, Xiaomi is planning two variants with 400 and 800 volts battery voltage for its first electric vehicle model.

The 400 V version is to use Blade batteries from BYD with LFP cells, while the 800 V model is to receive the latest Qilin battery from CATL with NCM cells. At least this is reported by the Chinese portal 36kr, which is well connected to the Chinese battery industry.

However, it is not yet clear whether the corresponding supply contracts have already been signed. The report also does not indicate possible delivery quantities or periods. It is also not yet known how large the batteries in the Xiaomi electric car will be. According to earlier reports, the first of four electric models is expected to hit the market in 2024.

The two-pronged strategy would allow Xiaomi to address a broad market with the model. BYD’s Blade battery is considered to be comparatively cheap but still allows decent ranges due to the high energy density for LFP batteries. CATL’s Qilin battery is the third generation of cell-to-pack technology, which should also enable high energy densities. As mentioned, however, no technical data for the Xiaomi electric car has been confirmed yet.



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