Kia EV6 GT to hit the US this winter


Kia just debuted the EV6 GT at a motorsport event in the States, saying this most potent offspring of the EV6 family will hit the US market this winter. Pricing has yet to be revealed, but the spec sheet (and our testing) remains promising.

The EV6 GT builds on Kia’s EV6, the brand’s first electric car that shares a platform with the Hyundai Ioniq5 and was positioned to pose a “turning point” for the brand when they released it in spring 2021.

Indeed, with 430 kW system power, the Kia EV6 GT is in a completely different league than anyone would have considered any Kia car a few years ago. Instead of Seat or Skoda, the EV6’s most powerful offshoot compares with a Porsche Taycan on paper, as we suggested in this drive review.

Now coming to America for the first time, the Kia EV6 GT fulfils the mission it was designed to do – to “counter the American EVs”. At least that is what the designer and ex-BMW man Albert Biermann told electrive.

In the official announcement today, Kia emphasised the story of its secret performer. 77.4 kWh battery with a 160kW front motor and a 270kW rear motor made the EV6 GT “the most powerful Kia production vehicle ever,” so the company.

The EV6 GT is the first Kia to feature 800V architecture (Hi, Porsche) and corresponding fast-charging capabilities. Drivers may recover 80 per cent battery capacity in under 18 minutes at 350-kW chargers, so Kia. Note that this is true for other EV6 variants too, placing them on top of the long-distance EV index done for us by P3 here.

The North American launch will also include a fast-charging offer via Electrify America. EV6 GT buyers will receive a charging credit of 1,000 kWh at stations of the VW subsidiary, useable over three years.

Pricing is subject to an announcement closer to the launch. In previous reports, Kia aimed at around €65,990 when launching the GT later this year. That’s equivalent to $65,530 at present rates.

The Kia EV6 GT is part of the company’s ‘Plan S’ strategy to launch at least two battery-electric vehicles annually and build a full line-up of 14 BEVs by 2027.


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