Electric boat X-Shore 1 to widen market at competitive price

Sweden’s e-boat maker X Shore has unveiled the X Shore 1 and says, it designed the vessel to score at the price point – at least in the zero-emission boating space.

Coming in at 99,000 euros or $139,000 (net in each case), the X Shore 1 is significantly cheaper than the company’s first product, the larger Eelex 8000 (which costs $329,000). What is more, much of the smart technology on board has carried over, as has the cork decking, which is also cheaper than traditional teak floors.

Measuring six and a half metres (the Eelex measures eight), the X Shore 1 comes with and without a canopy. Customers can also select from three specifications: Utility, Performance and Premium.

The electric motor produces 125 kW and enables a top speed of 30 knots (56 km/h), which is similar to the EElex performance, so X Shore.

Compared to the Eelex 8000 capacity of 126 kWh, however, the X Shore 1 comes with a single 63 kWh battery that again helps reduce the cost. The range is given as up to 50 nautical miles (93 km or 58 miles) at slower speeds.

All X Shore batteries are reportedly made by Austrian company Kreisel and have two patented features – a contact spring connecting technology and a Hollowblock cooling system.

The hull mixes glass and carbon fibre to balance cost, performance, and environmental concerns.

X Shore is readying for production at X Shore Industries 1 in Nyköping, Sweden. Their production facility is modelled on the assembly line approach of major car manufacturers, again to bring costs down.

“In order to bring electric boating to the largest possible audience, it is essential we bring to market a range of models and options to satisfy the different needs and desires of the global boating community,” said X Shore CEO Jenny Keisu. “Crucially, we must make electric boating competitive with fossil-fuel boats to speed up the transition.”

The X Shore 1 is scheduled for delivery starting in autumn 2023. Orders can already be placed online.

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