Finn to purchase over 12,000 Sion from Sono Motors


Sono Motors and car subscription provider Finn have signed a letter of intent to reserve and purchase 12,600 units of the Sion solar electric car.

The two companies plan to reach a final agreement on their collaboration in 2023. Finn was one of Sono Motors’ first B2B reservations. The first non-binding reservation of 5,500 Sion was made in 2020.

The first 100 electric cars are expected to reach Finn in 2024. After that, another 2,500 vehicles are to be delivered per year until the total number of 12,600 is reached. The car subscription provider plans to use them for its service in Germany.

In addition, as of September 1, 2022, Sono Motors could record more than 20,000 direct customer reservations (B2C) with an average down payment of around 2,000 euros net.

However, some time still remains until the first Sion will be ready to leave the factory and be handed over to customers. The Munich-based solar car developer last presented the series design of the solar electric car in July. However, production is not scheduled to start until the second half of 2023.



about „Finn to purchase over 12,000 Sion from Sono Motors“
07.09.2022 um 17:12
A non-binding agreement, with a company that offers cars on subscription basis and currently has around 10,000 cars in their fleet. A company that only exists because there is a shortage of vehicles (and therefore good resale value) and the environmental funding from BAFA. Without these two factors, all the car subscription companies in Germany would die like flies, because then the current rental rates would be absolutely impossible to negotiate. The number is completely dependent on customers ordering the car from FINN.
09.09.2022 um 08:35
They are buying nonbinding a car which not be deliverable anyway before 2025 all other timelines are dreams

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