Mercedes releases Plug&Charge for PHEV models

The latest Mercedes PHEV now offer Plug&Charge via the ISO 15118 standard. The roll-out follows the earlier updates of the all-electric EQS and EQE models. The C- and S-Class plug-in hybrids now only need an over-the-air update, the new GLC supports Plug&Charge ex works.

Mercedes still requires the plug-in hybrids to be equipped with the optional DC charging system and that the customer has activated Plug&Charge in the service overview. Plug & Charge connects via the ‘Mercedes me’ and ‘Mercedes me Charge’ services.

As with other ISO 15118 standardised vehicles, Plug & Charge eliminates the need for manual authentication. The charging station communicates directly with the vehicle, provided that the respective public charging station is compatible. “Fiddling with a charging card, app or head unit for authentication is now a thing of the past,” as Mercedes put it.

The ‘Mercedes me’ App shows whether a charging station is compatible with Plug & Charge and customers can also search specifically for suitable charging stations. The carmaker points to 1,800 Ionity fast-charging points in Europe and at Aral pulse stations in Germany offering this function.

Worldwide, the ‘Mercedes me Charge’ network comprises over 850,000 charging points, over 350,000 of which are located in Europe. Here, Mercedes offers three new charging rates since June based on mileage (S,M, and L). This pricing also provides fixed prices per kilowatt-hour of electricity.


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