Deftpower joins Hubject in enabling Plug&Charge

Deftpower joins Hubject’s Plug&Charge ecosystem. From now on, all business customers of the EV charging platform introduced last year can use the Plug&Charge functionality free of charge.

Deftpower’s AI-based software-as-a-service platform for EV charging is reportedly a white-label solution. The company, with a Plugsurfing founder behind them, claims its technology can reduce investment and time-to-market by up to 80 per cent. One better-known Deftpower user is the Norwegian e-car association Elbil, which operates its charging service in this way.

Thanks to the agreed cooperation, Elbil and other Deftpower customers can now enable Plug&Charge, given that the vehicle also supports the function. Currently, Porsche, Audi and Mercedes (recently also for plug-in hybrids) offer Plug&Charge. BMW also just announced its Plug&Charge system for mid-2023 at the Intercharge Network Conference in Berlin – with a unique feature.

“There will soon come the day customers will prefer vehicles that can be charged via
Plug&Charge, simply because it’s more convenient,” commented Deftpower CEO Jacob van
Zonneveld also pointed out that Tesla drivers can do so since 2013. “Thanks to Hubject, we can trust in a fast adoption of the Plug&Charge technology in Europe.”

Hubject has been working on Plug&Charge for some time and also helped to advance the Open Plug&Charge Protocol (OPCP) to enable free access to Plug&Charge and standardise the emerging ecosystem.

“Currently, large charging station operators and eMobility service providers are in the onboarding process, in addition to many leading car manufacturers. With this amazing growth, Plug&Charge is well on its way to becoming the standard authentication method for e-vehicle charging,” says Christian Hahn, Hubject CEO. “We are impressed by Deftpower’s strategic vision to prioritise the driver experience in their offering.”

Deftpower today has secured ten clients in four countries and says it provides access to all significant charging networks in Europe.


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