Ikea to use electric trucks from Volvo in Poland

Volvo Trucks, Ikea Industry, and logistics company Raben Group have agreed to cooperate in heavy-duty electric transport. Ikea Industry will use Volvo FM Electric trucks operated by Raben for internal goods transport between two production sites in western Poland.

The first of these electric trucks is scheduled to enter service this autumn, and there are plans to expand the fleet based on the findings from the pilot project. Volvo Trucks has just started production of its FH, FM and FMX heavy-duty electric trucks. The corresponding series models should then be available for the planned expansion of the e-fleet.

How the charging of the more extensive electric truck fleet will look later is unknown. The Volvo FM Electric from the test operation will be charged with renewable electricity at Ikea Industry’s production sites.

“We are happy to announce this collaboration which aims to accelerate our shift to more sustainable road transport,” says Małgorzata Dobies-Turulska, Managing Director of IKEA Industry Zbąszynek. “This project enables us to explore and learn about the challenges and opportunities in deploying electric transport operations at scale and its interdependencies in a larger transport network.”



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