Sep 29, 2022 - 03:46 pm

APCOA to offer 100,000 charge and park spaces by 2035

APCOA, a leading European parking operator with 1.8 million parking spaces in 13 countries, has announced plans to install up to 100,000 new EV charging stations in its car parks by 2035. They also have partners on board.

This is part of a new electric charging strategy which sees APCOA invest in expanding AC charging stations (11 to 22 kW) at more than 12,000 locations.

The company also points to unnamed “strategic partners” from the automotive industry, energy sector and CPOs to install over 1,000 additional fast-charging points in APCOA car parks to transform these into ‘Urban Hubs’.

However, APCOA won’t market all the charging itself but offers a new platform “ready for manufacturer-independent hardware” so the owner of the charging station can manage and operate it. This would make it possible to integrate different partners and services, an offer that was unique on the market, according to APCOA.

At the same time, the apps APCOA FLOW and APCOA Connect serve as a user interface for the parking customer and enable search, booking and payment.

“For customers, the expanded service infrastructure makes our locations even more attractive,” said Philippe Op de Beeck, CEO of APCOA. “For us as operators, we see significant additional revenue potential in upgrading our parking spaces with e-charging stations and other urban services.”

The company claims around 2,500 charging stations for electric vehicles in APCOA-operated car parks and says the data shows a steady increase. The press statement also mentions the incoming ban on ICE vehicles across Europe in 2035 alongside measures to equip up to 30 per cent of public parking spaces with charging stations for electric cars. Here APCOA says it would work in partnership with its customers, the owners of the parking areas, to introduce these charging devices, retrofit the energy networks as needed, and thus offer electric vehicle users an optimal charging experience.

One example of a partnership is UFODrive which uses APCOA parking to offer and charge its rental Tesla cars in Berlin and London. They also offer charging services for Tier mobility in Germany, for e-scooters and other two-wheelers in this case.

APCOA is a physical and digital infrastructure provider for mobility, logistics, e-charging and technology-based services in its Urban Hubs.,


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