New York to introduce EV sales quotas in 2026

In New York State, only zero-emission cars and light commercial vehicles may be sold from 2035. Governor Kathy Hochul has now outlined a strategy to systematically reduce the sale of internal combustion vehicles by then. New York is taking its cue from California.

Simply put, New York State is adopting the interim targets recently defined by California: Starting with the 2026 model year, automakers in New York must also sell an increasing number of their vehicles as zero-emission vehicles (ZEV) each year. This rate starts at 35 per cent and increases to 68 per cent by 2030 before reaching a full 100 per cent in 2035. It is not clear from the governor’s memo whether the definition of Zero Emission Vehicles in New York, as in California, leaves a small backdoor open for plug-in hybrids.

To implement the goal, Kathy Hochul has now directed the state’s Environmental Protection Agency to take appropriate regulatory action. She has also unveiled the programs New York will use to subsidize electric vehicle procurement and expand charging infrastructure. Within five years, it will invest “more than $1 billion in zero-emission vehicles of all weights,” Hochul said.

The decision to allow only zero-emission cars and light trucks for sale starting in 2035 was made in September 2021, when Hochul signed a law to that effect passed by the state Senate in April 2021. As noted, this covers passenger cars and light trucks. A separate regulation (“Advanced Clean Trucks”) that went into effect in December 2021 is intended to increase the number of ZEV models for medium- and heavy-duty trucks in parallel.

“The new law and regulation represent a critical milestone in our efforts and will further advance the transition to clean electric vehicles while helping to reduce emissions in communities that have been overwhelmed by pollution from cars and trucks for decades,” Kathy Hochul said at the signing a year ago.


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