Mercedes announces improved performance for hybrid A & B Class


Mercedes-Benz has presented the model update for the A- and B-Class. Visually, the facelift is minimal, and the work under the hood has only been applied minimally. The plug-in hybrids are to receive a slight increase in electric power and new charging options are included.

Mercedes-Benz first presented the plug-in hybrids in its compact models in the summer of 2019. The facelift basically retains this particular drive layout as well, but the technology has been improved in detail. The compact Mercedes PHEV is special because the relatively large battery sits transversely under the rear seat. Since this means that the exhaust tract cannot be routed to the rear under the vehicle, the actual tailpipe sits under the vehicle in the centre tunnel.

The combustion engine remains the 1.33-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine with 118 kW, which is combined with an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission. The electric motor, on the other hand, increases from 75 to 80 kW. However, Mercedes still specifies a system output of 160 kW, and the system torque also remains unchanged at 450 Nm at peak.

The battery’s nominal capacity of 15.6 kWh also corresponds to the pre-facelift model. However, since Mercedes says it has improved the high-voltage battery, it should now be possible to use more energy from the battery – but the new net energy content is not precisely quantified. However, the increased e-range is: Instead of between 56 and 69 WLTP kilometres, the A250e is expected to travel between 70 and 82 kilometres running on its battery in the future – depending on the equipment and body version (compact car or sedan). The range for the B250e is between 67 and 77 kilometres.

In the basic version, the charging capacity remains at 3.7 kW AC, but the optional AC charging capacity is increasing: Previously, it was a maximum of 7.4 kW; in the future, up to 11 kW three-phase is possible. The DC charging option with up to 22 kW remains unchanged. This allows the battery to be charged from ten to 80 per cent in 25 minutes.

The visual changes are minimal in the model update. Mercedes speaks of a “redesigned, forward-sloping hood with the two powerdomes,” a revised radiator grille and redesigned headlight graphics. At the rear, LED taillights are now standard, and the selection of paint options has also been adjusted.

Mercedes has not yet named prices. (A-Class), (B-Class)


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