Zeeba orders 5,450 Canoo vehicles in California

Californian startup Canoo has received another large order for its electric vehicles. Fleet leasing provider Zeeba has signed an agreement to buy 5,450 Canoo electric vehicles, with an initial binding commitment of 3,000 units by 2024.

The order now places is for the Lifestyle Vehicle (LV) and its cargo variant, the Lifestyle Delivery Vehicle (LDV). Zeeba leases commercial vehicles to customers who are primarily small and medium-sized enterprises.

Zeeba offers its customers a complete mobility package, saying that, this way, SMEs are better able to concentrate on their products and customers. The Los Angeles-based company aims to achieve a quota of at least 50 per cent of electric vehicles in its leasing fleet by Q1 2024.

The modular design of the two Canoo models, allow Zeeba to offer the vehicles with customised configurations. Since the modular system also allows for retrofits, a vehicle can be adapted to different use cases or customers throughout its life cycle.

Mike Paletz, Chief Strategy Officer at Zeeba said: “The LDV & LV are going to be a game changer for businesses we serve. Canoo technology will allow our SMB customers to effectively and efficiently operate their businesses while reducing their carbon footprint.” He elaborated: “Zeeba has very ambitious electrification goals and we want to achieve leadership in fleet technology.”

Both vehicles use an 80 kWh battery pack and are designed for an urban environment. Canoo says that its vehicle’s all-round visibility is particularly good for the driver, while the turning circle is at the level of a small car. The LDV offers up to 120 cubic feet of cargo space (3.4 cubic metres), while the LV is a passenger and cargo van that has additional seating. The exact breakdown of the two models in the Zeeba order has not been disclosed.

In July, US retail giant Walmart signed a binding agreement with Canoo to buy 4,500 all-electric delivery vehicles with an option for up to 10,000 units. However, the financially struggling start-up had some conditions for Walmart’s large order that may have been hard to swallow – like that Walmart has the option of acquiring up to a quarter of Canoo, and Canoo is not allowed to sell vehicles to Amazon for the duration of the deal.

“We have a large committed, growing order book, are finalizing our multi-year allocations for 2023 customer deliveries and will share our manufacturing plan with the broader market shortly,” said Tony Aquila, Chairman & CEO at Canoo.



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