Kia introduces battery pre-conditioning for older EV6 models


Kia now offers a software update for its model year 2022 EV6 that is designed to speed up charging processes in cold temperatures. Battery conditioning, which is standard on 2023 EV6 models, the new EV6 GT and Niro EV, can now be optionally retrofitted to all 2022 EV6s.

However, owners will need to visit the Kia dealer to do so. As reported, over-the-air software updates will only be possible in all Hyundai Group vehicles from 2025 and newly launched models from 2023. However, preconditioning requires that the battery temperature is below 21 degrees and the charge level is 24 per cent or more.

According to Kia, preconditioning should reduce charging time by up to 50 per cent if the battery is brought into the optimal window of operating temperature before fast charging. This improvement, however, depends on the initial numbers Kia is counting on: Under optimal conditions, the EV6 can charge from ten to 80 per cent in 18 minutes. At five degrees Celsius, Kia now states “about 35 minutes” in the communication without battery conditioning.

However, practical tests have shown significantly longer charging times, even at plus degrees. Should the Kia actually make it into the optimal temperature range with preconditioning under such conditions and be able to charge at the maximum possible 240 kW, the reduction in charging time would be even greater than 50 per cent. Only tests will show how great the effect actually is – although it often depends on the exact conditions of the individual case.

On the hardware side, the EV6 of the 2022 model year already has battery heating. The software update mainly affects the navigation system, as the route guidance automatically activates battery conditioning if a DC fast charger is set as the destination. Manual activation of preconditioning is not possible – as was already the case with the Ioniq 5.


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01.12.2022 um 16:15
Is this in the United States? Or just Europe?

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