Swiss company presents MCS adaption with 3 MW

Swiss companies BRUGG eConnect and Cavotec have unveiled an ultra-fast charging system for heavy-duty vehicles and ships with a capacity of up to 3 MW at the Bauma trade fair.

For this, the two companies use the plug design of the Megawatt Charging System (MCS), which was unveiled in Oslo in June this year. The characteristic triangular plug is known to be designed for charging currents of up to 3,000 amps, which at the maximum voltage of 1,250 volts corresponds to a (theoretical) charging capacity of 3.75 MW.

BRUGG eConnect and Cavotec have designed their adaptation somewhat differently: The system is designed for three different power levels (350 amps, 1,000 amps, 3,000 amps). The actual charging power depends on the battery voltage of the vehicle to be charged. This much can be said: None of the current or announced vehicles will reach the maximum possible 1,250 volts in the MCS.

To make the 3,000 amps possible, the system includes an active cooling system for cables and plugs as well as a passive cooling system for the vehicle inlet. For the cooling fluid, BRUGG eConnect relies on a water-glycol solution.

The MCS has been developed for use with all types of heavy-duty vehicles operating in a wide range of sectors. The most commonly discussed case is of course the use in battery-electric trucks. But the Swiss company is also taking aim at other segments, including agriculture, construction, mining and e-boats such as ferries.

The system presented at Bauma is a working prototype. As BRUGG now announces, the system will be available for order as early as January 2023. The prototypes will thus be available to manufacturers of fast charging stations for internal tests.

This would also confirm the schedule that was mentioned in Oslo in June: First pilot projects are planned for 2023, the commercial rollout for 2024.


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