VinFast partners with Shell Recharge on home charging in EU


In Europe, Vietnamese electric car manufacturer VinFast is partnering with Shell Recharge Solutions to offer home charging solutions to its customers in Germany, France and the Netherlands. VinFast customers can order chargers and installations from Shell Recharge Solutions via the carmaker’s app.

The cooperation includes “advanced home chargers and services” in the three countries mentioned. Although not explicitly named, this is likely to be Shell Recharge Solutions’ well-known wallboxes, which also offer some networking functions.

Shell Recharge Solutions is also reportedly the charging partner of Hyundai’s Genesis brand in Europe. Genesis, however, is not just about home wallboxes, but also access to over 300,000 public charging points in more than 35 countries. Access to Shell’s roaming network does not seem to be part of the deal, as it has not been mentioned in the VinFast statement.

“VinFast is an innovative EV manufacturer which is driving a fast, ambitious market rollout. This will help to accelerate the European road towards electrified mobility,” said Melanie Lane, CEO of Shell Recharge Solutions Europe. “We’re proud to have been chosen as VinFast’s partner to enable at-home charging on the continent. We know from our published consumer research, the EV Driver Survey, that ease of use is the most important aspect when selecting a charge point. By integrating the purchase of the charge point via VinFast’s app we aim that the EV driver journey becomes even more seamless.”

VinFast currently offers the VF8 and VF9 in Europe on a reservation basis. By the end of 2022, VinFast plans to open more than 50 VinFast stores in France, Germany and the Netherlands – 25 of these will be located in Germany.

Most recently ,Vinfast signed a recycling partnership with the Canadian recycling company Li-Cycle and Vines Energy Solutions for a global recycling partnership. The Vietnamese car manufacturer is clearly thinking big, as earlier this month, Chinese battery manufacturer CATL revealed a skateboard chassis that integrates battery packs, electric motors and other components. The CATL Integrated Intelligent Chassis (CIIC) is expected to be ready for series production shortly. CATL says it will supply the Vietnamese manufacturer with batteries, as well as with the complete substructure for its electric cars.


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