Mercedes has lowered prices for the EQE and EQS in China


Mercedes-Benz has significantly reduced the sales prices for its electric models EQE and EQS in China – by up to 237,600 yuan (32,230 euros). According to Chinese media, sales have not met expectations.

The list prices for the three variants of the EQE in China will drop by 50,000 to 50,700 yuan as of 16 November. Mercedes had only started China sales of the EQE at the end of August – with prices between 528,000 and 585,000 yuan (at that time between 76,930 and 85,235 euros). The new prices for the three EQE variants are thus 478,000 yuan, 496,000 yuan and 534,300 yuan. That is the equivalent of 64,840, 67,280 and 72,470 euros respectively.

This puts the EQE in China at a comparable price level to the Nio ET7, which is available from 458,000 yuan. Already at the sales launch in August, there were discussions about how attractive the EQE is for Chinese customers. A well-known Chinese car blogger wrote on Weibo after the launch of the EQE: “Give me a reason to buy it instead of the ET7.”

For the more expensive EQS, the price cut is even more significant – here it’s between 204,600 and 237,600 yuan (27,750 to 32,239 euros). Mercedes’ largest e-limousine is now available at prices between 845,000 and 1,134,000 yuan, which is the equivalent of 112,620 to 153,820 euros. The AMG EQS 53 now costs 198,600 yuan less than before and is available from 1,486,000 yuan (201,560 euros).

As Mercedes’ statement on the new China prices says, not only new customers are to benefit from the changed prices. Customers who ordered their vehicle before 16 November will be reimbursed the difference via authorised dealers.

Officially, the move is said to be based on “Mercedes’ continuous insight into market trends, gathering market feedback and listening to customer needs to flexibly adjust its market operation strategy”. However, Chinese media report that sales of the EQ models have reportedly not met expectations – which was expected given the high price. Whether this will change with the price reduction is open. The portal “Yicai” quotes an automotive analyst according to which Mercedes is simply not a leader in the key technology for electric vehicles.


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