Nio delivers their first ET7 in Sweden

The Chinese electric car manufacturer Nio is tackling its next European market with Sweden. After the pilot market in Norway and the recent first deliveries in Germany and the Netherlands, Sweden is the fourth European market for Nio.

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After Nio celebrated its European market launch in Berlin a month ago and handed over the first examples of the ET7 to customers in Germany and the Netherlands shortly afterwards, deliveries of the ET7 in Sweden have also started this week. As in the Netherlands and Germany, Nio is also launching the ET7 electric sedan in Sweden, while the ES8 electric SUV was the premiere model in Norway at the time.

The manufacturer distributed pictures and statements of the first two Swedish customers via its WeChat account. It is not known how many vehicles have been delivered or ordered in Sweden.

In addition, Nio has opened its first battery exchange station in Sweden, specifically in Varberg – located south of Gothenburg on the motorway towards Malmö. The car station at the Varberg exit is already a well-known charging park: Ionity, Mer and Tesla already operate fast charging stations there. In Germany, there are two Nio battery exchange stations to date – the second station in Hilden is also located next to fast chargers in the Seed&Greet charging park.

While the vehicles were offered for sale in the pilot market Norway, Nio had initially announced at the European premiere that it would only sell its vehicles on a subscription basis. Due to the numerous requests, the company has since revised its decision and is also offering the electric cars for sale in Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden – but not until 2023.

Update 25 November 2022

The Chinese manufacturer Nio is now delivering its all-electric premium sedan ET7 in all five European launch markets. Following the pilot market Norway and the recent first deliveries in Germany, the Netherlands and most recently Sweden, the first ET7s have now also been handed over to customers in Denmark. (deliveries), (battery swapping), (update)


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