Nobina grows electric bus fleet in Norway with BYD EVs

Public transport operator Nobina has ordered another 64 electric buses from BYD, expected to join the services in Norway in the spring of next year. The operator has been relying on e-buses from the Chinese manufacturer for some time and is growing the fleet.

The latest order of 64 BYD buses includes 40 electric buses measuring 12 metres and 24 low-floor models measuring 15 metres. Once these arrive in Q2 2023, Nobina will deploy the buses on routes in the Nedre Glomma region of southeastern Norway near the Swedish border.

The 12-metre BYD buses offer a range of up to 450 km on a single charge, with the 15-metre models demonstrating a similar range of 400 km on a single charge. BYD also mentions the ‘Battery Thermal Management System’ enhancing reliability in extreme climates, making BYD buses a practical option for Norway’s varying weather conditions.

Nobina has 300 BYD electric buses in operation or on order in its fleets in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Positive customer experiences have been influential in driving repeat orders for BYD pure-electric buses, so the Chinese manufacturer.

Edison Yin, BYD Regional Manager Nordics, expressed delight “to have developed such a solid relationship with Nobina in Norway, substantiated by this latest eBus order”.

Jens Råsten, Fleet Manager at Nobina Group, said they were “happy with BYD, who has proven to be a reliable partner”.

Examples of the cooperation include Nobina BYD fleets in Helsinki, Finland. Nobina reportedly ordered another 30 new vehicles in April of this year, following an order for 70 BYD buses in November 2021.

BYD adds that more than 650 electric buses are in service, or on order, across the Nordics, collectively covering 55 million kilometres, reducing CO2 emissions by over 59,000 tonnes.

Nobina is also working with Ebusco and Volvo to increase the EV share across its fleets. “As the largest public transport operator with the largest fleet of electric buses in the Nordic region, we take great interest in the development of new sustainable buses, technology, and materials,” said fleet manager Råsten.


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