Intercharge network integrates French charge point operators


Hubject’s Intercharge network is now part of the French Advenir programme. By joining this programme, French charging point operators will be able to register with the Intercharge eRoaming network. The aim of the cooperation agreement is to attract more French electric mobility players.

Advenir is one of the most important funding programmes for charging stations in France and aims to finance the installation of 125,000 charging points nationwide by 2025 with a budget of 320 million euros. Hubject says that with 71,000 charging points to date, France has one of the best charging infrastructures for electric car drivers in Europe. “The French government has made this development possible by subsidising the cost of establishing charging points with the Advenir program and making eRoaming a priority to their national strategy for zero-emission mobility,” explains Hubject.

The current entry is “a big step forward for the French e-mobility landscape,” says Hubject. Building a strong eRoaming network with exceptional interoperability is of utmost importance in the view of Hubject CEO Christian Hahn: “Already, Hubject is supporting French CPOs in scaling internationally by drawing in new international electric mobility players into the French market. We strongly believe by supporting Advenir in reaching their goal of 125.000 interconnected charging points we will solidify the French market as a leader in EV Charging.”

A core team of French Hubject employees has already been present in France over the last few years to work closely with French partners such as Chargemap, Freshmile, Total Energies, Modulo, SDEY and Syndicates of Burgundy. At the same time as Hubject’s recently established subsidiaries in the US and China, the entry into Advenir is now expected to open the door for a similar restructuring of Hubject’s operational presence in France.

Meanwhile, charging projects of all kinds are eligible for the Advenir programme, founded in 2016 and led by Avere-France: from individuals installing private charging points in their homes to companies looking to offer workplace charging points in a community building, to charging point operators (CPOs) setting up publicly accessible charging points. To prove the programme’s success, Advenir tracks the charging transactions of all supported charging points.

“Avere-France is delighted to have Hubject as a member of our association. We know that we can count on Hubject’s active contribution to Avere’s mission of accelerating the development of electric mobility in France. Moreover, Avere-France congratulates Hubject on joining the Advenir programme, a vital step towards the development of a national network of interoperable charging infrastructure,” says Antoine Herteman, President of Avere.


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