Apollo presents specially developed all-season EV tyre

Apollo Tyres has launched the Vredestein Quatrac Pro EV, an all-season tyre specially developed for electric and hybrid vehicles. It is said to be characterised above all by a significantly lower rolling resistance and better driving comfort with a lower noise level.

Rolling resistance is 15 per cent lower than Vredestein’s best-performing all-season tyre for conventional vehicles, according to Apollo Tyres. Lower rolling resistance reduces energy consumption and thus increases range. This is said to be achieved by a “carefully optimised blend of polymers” and silica for the tread, rim tape and carcass.

The weight-saving construction should also contribute to the lower energy consumption. Among other things, the sidewalls were made thinner and lighter materials were used for the belt and intermediate structure. Both measures together, the lighter construction and the new material compound, should also result in “outstanding cornering stability” and a 6 percent better performance of the new tyre (compared to its sibling models). As such, Apollo says the tyre is ideal “to handle the increased torque and vehicle weight of modern electric vehicles”.

According to the statement, the Quatrac Pro EV is the first all-season tyre to be certified with the HL (High Load) load index. This means that it is suitable for high loads (variant 255/40 R 20). Accordingly, the tyre can carry 10 percent more weight at the same pressure than a reinforced XL tyre (Extra Load).

This was achieved through a number of design measures. For example, the outer shoulder of the new tyre is wider than the inner shoulder to prevent lateral deformation. The outer flanks of the longitudinal grooves of the main tread are much steeper to avoid deformation under stronger forces in the curve.

The Vredestein Quatrac Pro EV will be available from tyre dealers and distributors from December, initially in seven dimensions for 18- and 19-inch rims, and from next year in twelve more sizes, including 17- and 20-inch options.



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