SK to introduce fast chargers with integrated battery diagnosis in 2023


The South Korean conglomerate SK is developing a battery diagnosis service for electric vehicles and plans to introduce it next year. However, the function will only be available in its own charging stations.

For the project, battery manufacturer SK On and charger producer SK Signet, both part of the group, are joining forces. The service will work as follows: When SK Signet’s fast charger is connected to an electric car, SK On’s BaaS technology measures the state of the battery in real-time. This technology has been tested for just over a year as part of a pilot project, with large-scale roll-out scheduled for 2023.

The time required for diagnosis is 30 minutes for a 50-kW charger. The faster the charging speed, the shorter the time required. The diagnostic results are to be displayed on the screen of the charger, which is currently being developed by SK Signet, and on an app that both companies are planning.

The prerequisite is therefore that the special charging station from SK Signet is used. The vehicle itself does not have to have a battery from SK on installed, so it is open to manufacturers in this respect. However, SK On will use its AI tool to evaluate the battery data collected by the SK Signet chargers during the charging process.

The design of the fast charging station with the diagnostic tool is to be unveiled at CES in Las Vegas in early 2023. SK does not yet specify the exact rollout of the charging station, but the premiere location reveals that the US market will play an important role. According to the company, more than every second fast charging station in the USA is made by SK Signet.


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