Tier Mobility to discontinue e-moped sharing services

In Europe, after the micromobility provider Tier Mobility acquired approximately 5,000 electric scooters, including the charging infrastructure of the former Coup sharing service from Bosch, in February 2020, Tier is now going to phase out these vehicles.

At the turn of the year, the former Coup scooters will also be gone from the streets in the Tier design. “We have decided to phase out the operation of our e-mopeds in Germany at the end of the year. This means that the vehicles gradually disappear from the roads and will not return,” Tier Mobility explained to the portal “MOViNC”.

The reason for the sudden discontinuation of the offer is the high cost of the e-mopeds. The synergies that Tier had seen in the customer base, the app and the charging logistics “for an economic operation of the new fleet” when it announced the service almost three years ago have therefore not materialised in this form. Talking to the German publication MOViNC, Tier now cited “high investment costs in software and hardware”, “which unfortunately are no longer profitable for us on the path to profitability”.

According to a company spokesperson, Tier Mobility now wants to “fully focus on our e-scooter and e-bike fleets and the expansion of our market leadership in Germany and worldwide”.

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