Dec 13, 2022 - 05:30 pm

Energica to sell electric motorcycles in Japan & Australia

Italian electric motorbike brand Energica has launched sales of its high-performance motorbikes in Japan and Australia. The first electric motorcycles are scheduled to arrive in both countries in the first quarter of 2023. With this, Energica aims to strengthen its market position in the ASEAN region.

There are already some Energicas on the road in Japan, as the manufacturer already entered into a partnership with Estar in 2020 to import motorbikes to Japan. Now the company itself is taking over distribution. Around ten million two-wheelers are registered in Japan, and in 2021 alone more than 83,000 motorbikes with an engine capacity of more than 250 cc, Energica’s target market, were sold.

In Australia, the Australian Electric Motor Co. has partnered with Energica to offer a premium range of electric motorbikes in Australia and New Zealand. Motorbike sales in both countries have recently risen to a 15-year high, making “these markets lucrative for further electric vehicle expansion”, according to the statement.

Energica is based in Italy but is owned by US-based Ideanomics. “Ideanomics has committed to extending Energica’s footprint across the globe,” said Robin Mackie, managing director of Ideanomics Mobility. “This new market entry into Japan and Australia will contribute to what we anticipate a strong fourth quarter and long-term consistent revenue growth.”,


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