SVOLT presents new battery pack titled ‘Dragon Armor’

SVOLT, the battery manufacturer that emerged from the Chinese carmaker Great Wall, has unveiled its battery pack innovation that is designed to provide increased safety and enable greater range. The new “Dragon Armor Battery” is now available for pre-order by customers worldwide.

According to SVOLT, the new battery pack is expected to be used in the first production models in 2023, including an SUV and a coupé. However, concrete models or vehicle manufacturer are not named. As with BYD’s Blade battery and CATL’s Qilin battery, SVOLT’s Dragon Armor Battery is not a new cell chemistry with higher energy density, but a newly designed battery pack.

Depending on the chemistry of the cells used in the Dragon Armor Battery, ranges of over 800 kilometres (LFP) to over 1,000 kilometres (NCM) should be possible. With the LFP cells, the volumetric pack efficiency is said to be 76 per cent higher. SVOLT has published a different specification for the NCM cells: these cells are said to be able to be charged at up to 4C.

According to the manufacturer, the increased safety of the battery pack is mainly due to new overpressure valves. According to this, the cell blast valves are now placed on the bottom (instead of the usual top) of the pack. If a single cell goes through thermally, this can spread to neighbouring cells with a pressure valve on top – with the newly designed valve on the bottom, the pressure can be released quickly enough, according to SVOLT.

To improve safety and fast-charging capability, the pack also features a double-sided cooling design. This is said to allow the cells to come into contact with the cooling plate over a larger area, improving heat transfer capacity by 70 per cent.

The Dragon Armor Battery is designed more for smaller vehicles, specifically from the A00 to the C segment. Since the number of structural components has also been reduced by 20 per cent, the battery packs are also supposed to be cheaper and lighter.


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