Cenntro Automotive reveals commercial EVs & FCEV truck

US-based emerging electric vehicle manufacturer Cenntro Automotive showcased the world premiere of five new vehicles at the CES. This includes an FCEV semi-truck, an electric van and truck, and an autonomous vehicle platform.

The Cenntro Automotive vehicles making their world premiere include the LM864H, a class 8 hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, the Logistar 300, a battery-electric Class 3 van, and the iChassis product line of three open-platform, fully programmable vehicles designed for automated and autonomous driving.

The designer and manufacturer of electric light and medium-duty commercial vehicles says the LM864H hydrogen fuel cell 6×4 semi-trailer truck should already come on the market in the third quarter of this year. The LM864H is powered by hydrogen fuel cells with eight 210-litre banks and marks the company’s first foray into hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The company has not yet revealed which supplier will be providing the fuel cell technology. Peter Wang, Chairman and CEO explains only: “Beyond our focus on electric powered commercial vehicle lines, we believe that hydrogen fuel cell technology is the best application for heavy duty logistics as it offers longer ranges and faster refuelling.”

The new, fully battery- electric LS 300 is to be available as both a van and a truck. With a 118kWh lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery, the vehicle will have a maximum speed of 62 mph and a range of 273 miles (440 km).

In terms of autonomous vehicles, Centro is now also offering the iChassis, which it describes as a Gateway for Open Platform Autonomy. Cenntro is also presenting its All Electric iChassis series which the company says “will revolutionize how the industry defines autonomy and open up new possibilities for commercial applications.” Here, the open-platform, fully programmable iChassis series opens innovation to third parties to develop their own software and design hardware to control and manoeuvre the vehicle. The idea here is for third parties to develop new applications that are unique to their needs.

The US electric vehicle manufacturer exhibited its full Logistar line at CES, which features the versatile compact cargo van, the LS100, the multi-purpose LS200 available in van or box truck configurations, the LS260 van and the Class 4 LS400 purpose-built for last-mile delivery and urban services. Cenntro also has the Off-Road Vehicle offerings, the TeeMak, and the Antric One, as well as a four-wheeled e-cargo bike which the company says is purpose-built for delivery services and general cargo transport.