VW to introduce the ID. Buzz GTX in 2023


VW Commercial Vehicles plans to introduce the announced performance version of the ID. Buzz with the suffix GTX before the end of the year. The MEB van will differ slightly from the technical data of the previous GTX models.

“The GTX will be a cool high-performance version, with 250kW, a dedicated interior, new exterior colours and some additional features,” said Development chief Kai Grünitz at an event. The ID. Buzz GTX will get an all-wheel-drive, after VW first announced the model in June 2022.

The all-wheel drive is hardly surprising; after all, VW’s ID.4 and ID.5 models, which are already available as GTXs, have an electric all-wheel drive system in which the familiar 150-kW PSM (permanently excited synchronous machine) of the rear-wheel-drive models is supplemented by an asynchronous machine (ASM) on the front axle. However, the statement about the system power of 250 kW of the ID. Buzz GTX is surprising, as the ID.4 and ID.5 have a maximum power of 220 kW and the maximum torque for these models is 460 Nm.

Whether the additional power in the ID. Buzz GTX is achieved via a more powerful electric drive system on the front axle or rear axle and what effects this has on the other technical data is not known – Grünitz did not provide any information on this. The ID. 4 GTX is limited to about 180 km/h, the 150 kW ID. Buzz with rear-wheel drive, for example, is already limited at 145 km/h.

Even the regular ID. Buzz without GTX add-on could be offered as an all-wheel drive vehicle in the future. The non-GTX all-wheel-drive versions of the other MEB models have so far reached 195 kW. Whether VWN will deviate from this with the ID. Buzz will deviate somewhat here as well is not known.

In summer 2023, the ID. Buzz will be available in the announced long-wheelbase version. This version will be 25 centimetres longer than the standard model (only in terms of wheelbase, the front and rear overhangs remain the same) and will have seven seats. As an alternative to the three-seater bench seat in the second row, there will also be particularly comfortable individual seats that can also be turned. A camper version is also planned. The long version may also get a larger battery option with over 100 kWh – but the latter is not confirmed.