Jan 23, 2023 - 05:35 pm

Volkswagen and OVO Energy launch V2X trial in the UK

INFLEXION is a new consortium comprising Volkswagen UK, OVO Energy, and its platform provider Kaluza. Using hardware by Indra, the partners aim to launch vehicle-to-everything solutions that could save drivers over £420 a year, and Ovo told us more.

To start with, Kaluza calls INFLEXION “the world’s first and largest deployment of domestic vehicle-to-grid (V2G) solutions” – at least the one where the company is involved – and it will rely on CCS.

More practically put, the consortium claims participating drivers could earn around £420 a year (or even £800, as seen during a previous V2G trial by OVO) for selling the energy stored in their cars back to the grid.

This being a V2X offer, however, the EV battery may also be used to power homes or appliances with the ultimate aim to help users to lower the total cost of EV ownership and maximise the impact on grid balancing and decarbonisation, so Kaluza.

“V2X will have a transformative effect on decarbonising our energy system, but only if we make it accessible and affordable for all,” said Scott Neuman, CEO at Kaluza. He added INFLEXION was an “exciting step for the industry to engage and learn from real EV drivers” and to bring V2X solutions “closer to true, commercial scale”.

Volkswagen UK will deliver vehicles and OVO the energy with the consortium planning to “prioritise engagement with Volkswagen Group brands and OVO Energy customers to ensure the solution delivers for real EV drivers’ needs and lifestyles”.

How exactly was unclear from the announcement, e.g. when and where drivers may sign up. However, our request for information had OVO let us know, that the consortium was currently in phase 1 where they are conducting research through workshops and surveys with customers in addition to the technical integration pilot.

“The trial whereby we’re installing devices in homes won’t be until phase 2 later this year (hopefully),” wrote a spokesperson via email.

“We are testing the latest V2X hardware from Indra, which is CCS compatible but we cannot share any more details at this point about how future participants may receive it,” the company further informs.

Still, Ovo customers may sign up for the trial in later 2023 and the company told us, drivers can register their interest here.

Subsequent phases will see the cosortium work out V2X business models and customer incentives.

INFLEXION is funded through the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and delivered by Innovate UK.

The partners all can rely on previous experience. Volkswagen, for example, just published the findings of a recent V2G pilot in Germany, as reported.



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  1. Paolo Albertoli

    The recent pilot in Germany, was a V1G pilot; that means smart charging, without any art of discharging.

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