E.ON & Contipark to install 4,000 wallboxes

In Germany and Austria, the parking operator Contipark and the energy company E.ON want to install more than 4,000 new charging points in car parks and underground garages between 2023 and 2025. The project will involve AC wall boxes with an output of up to 22 kW.

The cooperation agreement now signed by both companies provides for the installation of 1,500 charging points in each of Contipark’s car parks and underground garages in Germany and Austria in 2023, 2024 and 2025. The first charging point in Düsseldorf, Germany is expected to go into operation in February, where the company has six car parks. On average, 30 charging points are to be installed per property.

With a total of 4,500 charging points and an average of 30 charging points per location, around 150 Contipark facilities will be equipped with E.ON charging points. In total, Contipark says it “owns, leases or builds around 570 parking facilities in 200 cities”.

The E.ON subsidiary E.ON Drive will as a full-service provider and is to take care of everything from the pre-check at the location to the installation, to the operation of the wallboxes and the billing of the charging processes with the customers. Contipark is to provide “highly frequented traffic junctions” as part of the cooperation. Contipark has said that in the beginning, the charging processes still have to be paid separately, but at a later point in time, there will also be “the possibility of joint billing for parking and charging”.

Although exact wallbox to be installed have not been revealed, the companies have released press photos that show wallboxes from the Dutch manufacturer Alfen in the version with two charging points. Customers can start the charging processes via RFID card or app of their desired charging providers. From summer 2023, credit card payments will also be possible.

“As the market leader in the parking industry, it is our aspiration to actively shape the mobility of tomorrow. An important component of this will be electric mobility,” says Michael Kesseler, managing director of the Contipark group of companies. “That’s why, together with E.ON Drive, we want to bring electromobility onto the road – or rather: into the car park – and offer our customers the service of ‘e-parking’ in the future.”

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