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Missouri says “hold my beer…”


In the USA, Missouri Republicans want to ban local mandates on electric car charging stations, saying that requiring business owners to install electric vehicle chargers is an infringement on their freedoms.

After the declared war on electric cars in Wyoming, which was later reneged, Missouri Republicans have drafted legislation against saying that – if Missouri cities and counties have a mandate on businesses to install electric vehicle chargers – those cities and counties would have to pay for said chargers themselves.

“We can’t charge what it costs per hour to pay for these. It is very expensive,” said David Overfelt, who testified in favour of the bill on behalf of the Missouri Retailers Association, the Missouri Grocers Association and the Missouri Tire Industry Association.

Jack Meinzenbach, who was testifying for the Missouri chapter of the Sierra Club, said that the proposed bill would prevent local governments from encouraging enough chargers as more affordable electric vehicle models hit the market. This is likely to hinder the uptake of electric vehicles, which is no doubt at least one of the motivations behind the legislation.


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