BMW teams up with Evergo for charging network in Mexico


BMW is joining forces with Evergo in Mexico to build more than 4,000 public charging stations for electric vehicles in the country over the next five years. The companies have slated a $ 200 million investment and are looking into both AC and DC charging.

BMW Mexico has been offering electrified vehicles in the country since 2013. In 2022, hybrid and electric cars made up 30% of BMW sales in Mexico, making it the Group’s most important market in the region. BMW adds it was, therefore, “essential to make this type of alliance in the country, to strengthen the infrastructure used by customers of its BMW, MINI and BMW Motorrad brands”.

In concrete terms, BMW and Evergo have already inaugurated what they call the largest public charging hub in Mexico. The Mexico City site hosts three 50 kW DC chargers (scalable to up to 300 kW) and six AC chargers of 19 kW, both of universal access inside the Metropoli Patriotismo Shopping Center.

BMW Mexico also runs a few public charge points, which will now be upgraded and maintained by Evergo.

Moreover, BMW i, as a México sub-brand, has provided all its customers who purchase a new electric or plug-in hybrid car with a wall box for their home or work address at no additional cost since 2014. According to BMW, this has resulted in the installation of 20,000 private charging points, representing 50% of the total installations in Latin America. The BMW Group Mexico says it will maintain the service as an added value.

Diego Camargo, CEO of BMW Group Mexico, expects that in the next decade, 50% of the Premium segment will be 100% electric. “So it is compelling that through our strategic alliances, such as Evergo, we maintain our vision for an electric, digital and circular future.”

For public charging, new BMW clients will get free initial energy credits (equivalent to 100 kWh for hybrid vehicles and 1,000 kWh for electric cars). Those already driving electrified vehicles can get their credits at any dealership.

The new hubs will connect urban areas and cities through the country’s main highways in the initial five years, writes BMW.

To use the new network, drivers may download the Evergo or Mini app to check the nearest charging station, plan their route, book, and pay through a virtual wallet. BMW Motorrad customers who purchase a new electric scooter or already have one will be able to access the Evergo charging network through the ‘Evergo Business App’ in which they can buy credit.

In addition to the 4,000 chargers to be deployed in the next five years, Evergo expects to operate more than 15,000 charge points in 2033. This initiative results from the acquisition of E-DRIVE, a Mexican infrastructure company which Evergo bought for $200 mn last November. This also marked the company’s entry into Mexico.

Daniel López, Evergo’s Chief Commercial Officer, commented: “With the arrival of Evergo in the country last November 2022, we marked an important milestone for the present and future of electric mobility in Mexico.” On the BMW alliance, he said it was an “unprecedented commitment to a true transformation towards sustainable mobility”.

Evergo is part of InterEnergy Group and already operates in the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Panama. It will have a presence in Aruba, Puerto Rico, Paraguay, Uruguay and Spain in the upcoming year.

BMW Mexico and Ebergi have not named a manufacturer; in other markets, Evergo relies on technology from Blink Charging.,, (E-Drive)


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