Bus charging depot with 124 chargers opens in Aalborg

Public transport operator Tide Bus has commissioned Scandinavia’s largest electric bus depot in the Danish city of Aalborg. There, 124 DC chargers from hardware supplier Kempower are available. The company GodEnergi was responsible for the installation.

According to a Kempower statement, the 124 fast chargers at the Tide-Bus depot in Aalborg are connected to 18 so-called Kempower Power Units. The background to this is that the Finnish manufacturer offers fast-charging products for which only a very narrow unit has to be erected at the parking space itself – the rest of the technology is outsourced to control cabinets – precisely those power units. According to Kempower, six transformers have also been installed in the vicinity to supply power to the massive charging park.

For the large-scale project, Tide Bus, one of the largest bus companies in the country, is cooperating with Nordjyllands Trafikselskab, the public transport authority for Northern Denmark. GodEnergi is on board as the installer. In addition to the charging hardware, Kempower is also contributing the necessary software for monitoring the electric buses and charging infrastructure via its cloud-based charging management system ChargEye. For Kempower, this is already the second bus depot project in cooperation with GodEnergi in Denmark.

Just a few days ago, it became public that the Finnish company is also involved in a truck-charging project in Gothenburg, Sweden: Kempower supplied the hardware for one of the country’s largest private electric truck charging parks with 15 charging spots.

Tomi Ristimäki, CEO of Kempower, describes the opening of the depot in Aalborg as the latest example of his company’s bus depot projects in countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Luxembourg and Norway. “We’re eagerly anticipating our next collaboration with GodEnergi A/S as it creates a greener everyday life for the people of Denmark.”

Jan Darville, CEO of GodEnergi, emphasises that his company has been in the electric mobility market for many years. “We’ve been part of the e-mobility market for many years, though opening the Aalborg bus depot is one of our biggest achievements so far. It’s been a pleasure to introduce Kempower’s technology to the project and to collaborate with its employees, who are genuine EV enthusiasts. We look forward to working on more green and important projects with Kempower in the future.”



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