Nissan cuts prices of Ariya in China

Image: NIssan

Japanese carmaker Nissan is selling its Ariya at a discount in China. It took off 60,000 yuan (around 8,200 euros) of its initial price, saying this was a limited-time offer. Nissan is not the first EV maker to drop prices to spur demand in China.

The Ariya is Nissan’s highest-priced electric car in China, offered in four versions. The discount applies to all models sold there.

This comes after Tesla again lowered the price of its Model 3 and Model Y in China; first In October 2022 and again in January 2023. In case of the Model 3, the EV is now cheaper than at its launch in January 2021. And for Tesla, lowering prices has been the key to increasing sales. After holding production at its plant in Shanghai in January and selling off inventory, the carmaker now increased production there again to meet growing demand.

Carmakers Xpeng and Toyota followed. The former cut prices on almost all existing models in China. The P7 sedan, for example, is now up to 36,000 yuan (4,910 euros) or 12.5 per cent cheaper there than before. And only four months after the initial sales launch, Toyoota significantly reduced the price of its electric SUV bZ4X in China. Prices were cut by 30,000 yuan (4,105 euros), bringing the starting price down from 199,800 to 169,800 yuan.


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