Cadillac hints at 3 new BEV alongside Lyriq sales launch in the USA


Cadillac has opened up the configurator for the 2024 Cadillac Lyriq in the USA, with prices starting at $59,590. Additionally, the brand belonging to GM announced that three new electric vehicles will be introduced this year for production starting in 2024.

Cadillac’s first fully electric vehicle is now available to order in the USA, starting at the above-mentioned $59,590 for the basic ‘Tech’ trim. Prices top out at $63,190 for the ‘Sport’ trim, which includes cosmetic improvements, namely: “an illuminated front grille, body-coloured door handles, as well as Obsidian Chrome and dark accent finishes”. All variants can be upgraded to an all-wheel drive variant for an extra $3,500, which ups the power output from 340 HP to an estimated 500 HP, but only costs a single mile in range, from 308 to 307 miles.

The vehicle generally qualifies for the $7,500 federal tax credit, however, if all technical additions are included, the price tag of $84,340 exceeds the tax credit price cap of $80,000, precluding the purchase from the subsidy programme.

In further news, Cadillac Vice President Rory Harvey announced that the company’s next electric vehicle models are going to be introduced this year and are slated for production in 2024. He did not include what kind of vehicles would be or what markets they are intended for; however, he hinted that the brand “started the rollout of EVs in Europe yet, so watch this space in terms of that one”.

In earlier news, General Motors seemed to consider also electrifying the Cadillac Escalade or even turning the model series into yet another sub-brand to go EV exclusive. The Escalade subsidiary could then offer the classic model, a three-row crossover and a minivan, yet reports remain unconfirmed.

Cadillac announced last year that it would only introduce all-electric new models and would stop selling cars with internal combustion engines completely from 2030., (both Lyriq),


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