Smart announces the end of its EQ Fortwo

Smart is closing its order books for the EQ Fortwo from April 2023. According to German media outlet Smart Emotion, production will continue until mid-2024 due to long delivery times. But then, the EQ Fortwo will no longer be built.

The reason is simple: the brand is going in a new direction, now building cars as part of a joint venture with Geely. Their first model, the Smart #1, can already be pre-ordered. Apart from the name, the new EV has little in common with the original small cars. It is based on Geely’s SEA platform and is an impressive 4.27 metres long. The electric drive unit has an output of 200 kW, and the 66 kWh battery provides up to 440 kilometres WLTP range.

Smart already took the EQ Fourfour out of its rage at the end of 2021 and stopped making it in early 2022. It was only a matter of time before the Smart EQ Fourtwo met the same fate.

It seems to be a somewhat emotional goodbye. Smart Emotion reports that there is an unofficial „final EDITION“. It is a special initiative by German Smart dealers and limited to 150 vehicles.

It is available as a convertible and as a coupe. The vehicles are regular, fully-equipped Fortwo prime line models with the “exclusive package.” Accordingly, the convertible costs 31,740 euros and the coupe 28,695 euros (before deductions).


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08.04.2023 um 00:41
I want a ForTwo as an SUV is too much car for me and I want easy parking. Unfortunately here in New Zealand the only ones available are old petrol models with funny transmission and EVs with 100km highway range that take 6 hours to charge AC only. Even buying those is a gamble as there is no manufacturer support.
Servant of Anubis
13.04.2023 um 03:32
Such a shame. Have the last model EQ sold in U.S. as a cabrio. Bought for TOAD service but actually love driving it as a weekender and always wondered why MB never figured out how to market here in the states, but hey, even the old countries are gonna get axed. Guess I will never be able to get rid of it now... or at least til service and parts become impossible and we all know how ALL of the manufacturers build in planned obsolescence
Peter Higgins
22.09.2023 um 17:25
Noone knows what TOAD service means by the way.
Smart Driver
30.07.2023 um 00:10
A shame. The brand was bafflingly mismanaged. They pushed the city car/2-seater in regions where bigger cars are more popular (USA/CAN/AUS), and have now retracted to EU/CHINA; regions that have extremely strong small car markets- only to finally make an appealing electric mini SUV. Their logic is completely backwards. If the Smart #1 was sold in the US, it would hold its own against other EV 4WD's like the Ioniq 5 or Tesla X. By actively making the car opposite to the regions they're selling in, they only sealed their own fate. In a perfect world, they bring back the fortwo, rebranded as "#4-2" and begin selling both it AND the #1 in ALL markets. Depending on the market, they'd sell more of one than the other, but do in a fashion that keeps the other afloat. The last thing that would need to rectify is giving battery size options, so that even buyers of the tinier car can get Tesla Model S range. I drive a fortwo EQ and absolutely love everything about it, except for it's pathetic range. I charge it almost every other night.
08.10.2023 um 06:42
Why complain if you like it obviously it does have the ability to keep charge but your maneuvering maybe the problem. Do you drink coffee out of a electric or hot water for instant.; You do this every day without complaints?!!!?????????

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