Swarco announces plans for new HPC network in the UK


UK charging infrastructure provider Swarco Smart Charging announces the roll-out of an HPC charging network across England, Scotland and Wales. Under the name PoGo, over 2,000 ultra-fast charging stations are to be built at public facilities such as grocery shops and cafés over the next four years.

“PoGo” is said to stand for “Power and Go” to emphasise the short charging times at the fast chargers. As Swarco wants to use its own HPC network not only to increase the spread of fast charging stations in the countries mentioned, but also to increase availability and reliability, PoGo is intended to do nothing less than promote the spread of electric vehicles, according to the company’s statement.

The sites themselves “will be strategically positioned to be convenient for drivers and with easy access to public amenities, coffee shops, food outlets etc”. There are to be several charging options at each location, which are to be “regularly serviced and maintained by an experienced team of EV-driving engineers” – after all, PoGo is supposed to be characterised by high reliability. Customer support is to be available by phone, mail, website, app or via social media.

Apart from the total number of 2,000 charging stations to be installed by the beginning of 2027, however, Swarco does not provide any further details, but remains rather vague in all its statements. For example, the charging capacity is not mentioned, only “ultra-rapid charging stations” are mentioned. The number of locations is not known, and it is also not specified whether these will be pure fast charging parks or whether the locations will also be supplemented by slower AC chargers. It is also not known how much the company is investing in the development of PoGo.

Instead, Justin Meyer, managing director of the company, stresses that the new network should be “simple and easy” to use. “We are leveraging our extensive experience and insights from the last twelve years to create a new network that puts electric car drivers at the centre of everything we do,” Meyer is quoted as saying in the statement.

Indeed, Swarco Smart Charging is no stranger to the UK EV charging industry. The company is a partner of petrol station operator Motor Fuel Group for the installation of charging stations at petrol stations. Volvo Trucks equips its UK dealers with chargers through a partnership with Swarco. Swarco is also partnering with Connected Energy, a provider of second-life battery energy storage systems.

The PoGo team will be led by Eugenio Herrero, who will act as PoGo’s managing director. “We will be building the PoGo network across the length and breadth of England, Scotland and Wales so that wherever you are, or wherever you want to go, you will know that you can rely on PoGo,” he said. “By building a nationwide network of ultra-rapid chargers with full driver support, we hope to encourage more drivers to make the switch to electric.”

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