Fisker and Deftpower team up for public charging in Europe


Fisker has appointed Deftpower as its European public charging infrastructure partner. Through the partnership, Fisker Ocean drivers will have access to over 425,000 public charging stations from 900 operators via a dedicated app.

According to Fisker, drivers can “locate, access, and pay for public EV charging with transparent pricing” via the Fisker Flex Charge app. In other words, there are probably no uniform conditions for Fisker customers, but pricing information is available in the app. Fisker will also integrate the locations of Deftpower charging stations in the vehicles’ navigation system.

Early customers even get another goody. Owners of a new Fisker Ocean delivered and registered by March 31, 2024, will also be offered a year of free charging at more than 30,000 charging points on the Allego network via the app.

“With Deftpower, we are providing a comprehensive European public charging solution for Fisker owners at delivery. The minute they get their new Fisker Ocean, our owners want convenient and easy-to-locate public charge stations, a seamless experience when using a public charger, and super-simple payment options,” says CEO Henrik Fisker. “Partnering with Deftpower gives our owners excellent charging convenience and choice.”

In North America, Fisker recently appointed ChargePoint as its public charging partner. To provide home charging solutions, Fisker reportedly partners with Wallbox Chargers in Europe and North America.


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