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Nissan Ariya recall due to loose screw


Nissan has issued a recall for about a thousand Ariya EVs in the USA. The reason is a loose or even missing bolt holding the steering wheel. The issue was not a manufacturing error but a technician screw up.

In fact, the new recall seems to affect vehicles that had just seen the inside of a garage due to another steering-related problem with the touch sensor. During the course of that repair some cars may not have had their steering wheels correctly re-installed by the dealers.

Nissan estimates the issue affects only 0.18 per cent of vehicles, that’s two SUVs in the total recalled 1,063 Ariyas are likely to contain the defect. Still, since these two (or more) vehicles may not have had the bolt holding the steering wheel to the column correctly tightened or worse than that, not have a steering bolt at all, the issue cannot be ignored.

What is more, this would not be the first time Nissan technicians found a loose screw. In late January and early February in two entirely separate incidents Nissan dealer technicians investigated reports of loose-feeling steering wheels and discovered that the bolt was missing in both cases.

In the case of the now potentially affected 1,063 vehicles, owners are being asked to return their cars to dealerships. Nissan circulated a detailed bulletin to the workshop staff showing how to replace and tighten the bolt in step-by-step guides and images. Just in case there was any confusion – the steering wheel bolt is located in the very centre.

But to stay fair, Nissan is not the only one having to tighten the screws aka quality control at times. Rivian recently recalled all vehicles over a loose screw and even longstanding carmakers such as Volkswagen and Mercedes exhibited such teething problems before.

As for the Nissan Ariya, no such recall has been issued in Europe.


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