Mercedes issues recall for 7,801 EQE & EQS

Mercedes-Benz is recalling 7,810 units of the electric models EQE and EQS worldwide due to faulty threads of the towing devices. In Germany, 1,746 vehicles are affected.

For Mercedes, it is not a profound recall, but an annoying one nonetheless. According to the entry in the KBA recall database, the issue is a possibly faulty thread of the towing devices. During the workshop visit, the towing devices are “checked and reworked if necessary”. Incidents involving property damage and/or personal injury are not known.

As the German publication Auto, Motor und Sport writes, the “required screw depth of the towing eye in the thread of the towing device might not be reached” in the case of affected vehicles. If this is the case, loosening of the screw connection cannot be ruled out.

The faulty threads are not the first recall for the EQE and EQS, which are both based on a completely new electric platform. Mercedes-Benz had previously recalled 341 EQEs worldwide due to steering problems. There had also already been a recall for the EQS due to a possible fire hazard caused by incorrectly screwed ground connections, albeit a very small action and only in the USA. Earlier this year, the EQS was also part of a recall due to faulty charging cables. (both in German, KBA reference number: 011959)


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