Tesla joins Gireve roaming platform

Tesla has joined the French roaming platform Gireve. It allows the electric car maker to partner with e-mobility service providers connected to the Gireve platform to give them access to its Superchargers. And, Tesla has already found a partner.

The first platform allowing access to Tesla’s Supercharger charging network is Chargemap. Owners of a Tesla or other EV can now use their Chargemap Pass to charge at a Supercharger. The service is limited to France for now. Still, the compatibility of the Chargemap Pass will soon be extended to all Superchargers approved for all-electric cars in the rest of Europe.

As reported, Tesla has opened selected fast chargers in 15 European countries to other brands. So far, however, charging a non-Tesla car at these Superchargers is only possible via the Tesla app – and thus at Tesla’s ad-hoc conditions or via a monthly subscription, which in both cases is more expensive than charging a Tesla.

As Chargemap explains in its announcement, starting the charge points still requires the Tesla app – Chargemap users must, therefore, also download the Tesla app and set up an account there. What is new is that the Chargemap Pass can be stored as a means of payment in the Tesla app. Afterwards, this link still has to be confirmed by verification email.

However, the advantages of charging via Chargemap at Tesla are (still) manageable. Only “for a limited period,” charging sessions conducted at Tesla Superchargers via Chargemap will be billed at the same rate as Tesla’s own. There is no mention of what will happen after this introductory phase. Should charging then return to Tesla’s ad hoc rates, the benefit of Chargemap Pass at Superchargers would be reduced to joint billing with all other Chargemap charges in a month – instead of one Chargemap bill and a separate Tesla bill via the credit card on file.

“As we strive to promote interoperability and open networks, it is a key step for us to welcome Tesla on our platform,” said Gireve CEO Eric Plaquet. “We will continue to focus our energy on providing top-notch customer service and sophisticated tools to facilitate roaming between partners to the largest extent.”

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