Hexagon Purus & Hino Motors to develop electric trucks

Hexagon Purus has signed an agreement with Hino Motors Sales USA under which Hexagon Purus will produce battery-electric heavy-duty trucks for the US market, sold exclusively through dealers in the Hino network.

The BEV trucks will be based on Hino’s XL 4×2 chassis and equipped with Hexagon Purus electric drive systems and battery systems. The agreement provides for the delivery of up to 10,000 of these electric trucks by 2030. The deal, which has now been finalised, extends an earlier agreement between the two companies to supply battery packs for several Hino truck platforms. Hino is also to take responsibility for after-sales service, and the partners expect to kick off sales in 2024.

“We are very proud and honoured to take the co-operation with Hino to the next level by serially producing battery-electric heavy-duty trucks for distribution in the US through select qualifying dealers in Hino’s network,” said Morten Holum, CEO of Hexagon Purus, adding: “This is a strong validation of our technology and the capabilities as a provider of complete zero-emission mobility solutions. With this agreement, we continue to improve the line-of-sight for our 2025 revenue target of NOK 4-5 billion.”

“Approximately 12% of commercial vehicles operating in California fall within the heavy-duty trucks classification, however, they account for almost half of California’s NOx emissions in the medium- and heavy-duty space. Targeting the disproportionate emissions of specifically these trucks through increasing adoption of zero-emission vehicles is crucial to reduce emissions in California and across the whole of the US,” added Todd Sloan, EVP of Hexagon Purus.

While Hexagon is mainly known for its fuel cell systems, for which a new factory was also just opened in Maryland, USA, the company does also have experience with battery-electric vehicle systems. Hino, on the other hand, has been specializing specifically into electric trucks, albeit with a bigger focus on light and medium-duty electric trucks. However, a fuel cell truck project had been announced with its owner Toyota at the end of 202o.



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