Twaice & Vispiron open battery research lab in Munich

Munich-based battery analytics company Twaice has opened the Munich Battery Lab together with R&D service provider Vispiron Systems. The new battery lab is designed to analyse battery behaviour and optimise battery development. The focus is on testing lithium-ion batteries.

According to Twaice and Vispiron, they have built up a testing infrastructure based on the current state of the art for battery testing within six months.

With an area of more than 100 square metres, the Munich Battery Lab enables the analysis of different cell types in the battery at a current of one to several hundred amperes, a cooling capacity of 40 kW and using ten temperature chambers, so Twaice.

The parameter and lifetime tests, thermal cycling tests, and calendar or cyclic ageing tests (electrical, thermal or combined) can be carried out at temperatures between -20 and +80 degrees Celsius. The test results will then not only benefit the commissioning customers but also provide additional data for Twaice’s battery analytics, so the statement.

“The Munich Battery Lab will make an important contribution to analyse battery ageing and behaviour in depth. As part of the Twaice Battery Research Center, we can thus further improve our software and, together with our partner Vispiron, make an important contribution to environmentally friendly mobility and energy,” says Michael Baumann, Managing Director of Twaice. The company had, for example, expanded its own lab capacities in December 2020.

Vispiron Systems is a development partner of well-known manufacturers and suppliers in the industry – and, according to its own information, accompanies projects in the areas of Future Mobility, Future Energy and Digital Transformation from idea generation to concept development and implementation. Since 2019, Vispiron has also been operating its own e-labs to provide more test capacities for the growing electromobility market.


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