Is Ford bringing back the Capri as an electric model?


According to British media reports, Ford could revive the Capri model designation for its second European electric model based on Volkswagen’s MEB platform. However, it will probably not be a successor to the legendary sports coupe.

Ford unveiled its first MEB-powered vehicle a few days ago, naming it Explorer. Ford confirmed about a year ago that it is planning a second MEB model. Like with the Explorer, the carmaker plans to sell 600,000 units over six years.

According to reports in the Sun and Autocar, Ford plans to bring back the iconic Capri brand name for this second MEB model. Unlike the previous two-door sports coupe, the new model will be a crossover with two additional doors and modern styling, they said. “Retro designs aren’t moving us forward. It’s always about totally new interpretation: that’s what makes it interesting,” Ford’s European chief designer Amko Leenarts tells Autocar.

That Ford does not shy away from using iconic brand names for completely different (electric) model ranges is already well known. After all, the Mustang Mach-E electric SUV has little in common with the legendary Mustang coupe. Even the US model Ford Explorer, as a five-meter SUV, has no relation to the now-presented MEB SUV, measuring 4.45 meters in length.,


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