VinFast kicks off deliveries in Vietnam and the USA


VinFast has launched deliveries of the VF 9 in Vietnam with the first 27 vehicles delivered to customers. The delivery came about a year after the official public introduction of the vehicle. At the same time, 45 VF 8 were delivered to US American customers.

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The six-seated VF 9 runs on a 300kW electric drive, providing a maximum torque of 620Nm on a 92 kWh battery pack. Ranges differ slightly for the Eco and Plus versions, maxing out at 438 km and 423 km, respectively. Following the initial delivery event, VinFats will now alert individual customers in Vietnam, who can either have the vehicle delivered at home or pick it up at a showroom. According to information from the end of last year, international deliveries of the VF 9 will follow soon after their home market.

“Today’s VF 9 delivery event is the beginning of VinFast’s series of events that will be consistently held on a global basis,” said Le Thi Thu Thuy, Vice Chairwoman of Vingroup and CEO of VinFast Holdings, adding: “We expect to export the VF 8 standard edition models to the U.S. and Canadian markets in April 2023 and expect to soon deliver the VF 5 Plus model to customers in the Vietnamese market. Following that, we expect to export the VF 9 and open reservation for the VF 6 and VF 7 in the coming months.”

Meanwhile, in the USA, VinFast also recently delivered the first 45 VF 8 City Edition all-electric SUVs to customers via its 9 stores across the state of California. VinFast started opening these stores last year, deciding that a more personal sales approach would be good on the US market. These vehicles are still being imported, as VinFast’s plans to build a new factory in the USA were recently pushed back until 2025. Initially, these vehicles were supposed to be delivered at the beginning of the month, after being delayed from February, but were given a software update before being handed over. Deliveries of the VF 8 started in Vietnam last September.

Update 22 August 2023

VinFast announced that the VF 9 has a certificated EPA range of 330 miles for the Eco trim and 291 miles for the Plus trim, meaning that the certified ranges outperform VinFast’s initial estimates. As previously reported, the VF 9 is a full-size, seven-passenger, all-electric SUV, with an MSRP of $83,000 and $91,000 for the ‘Eco’ and ‘Plus’ models, respectively. The VF 9 is already available to customers on the Vietnamese market and can be reserved globally. Customer deliveries in North America are expected to start in the last quarter of 2023. (VF 9), (VF 8), (update)


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