Tesla aims to build 4 million compact EVs per year


Tesla reportedly plans a four million-unit production capacity for its future compact model. Half of these will be built in North America, one million in China and another million in Germany.

According to kr36, the main production site will be the new factory announced in Mexico. However, the news portal also notes that this is “an early capacity strategy,” with which Tesla wants to signal that production of its new EV will be spread across its manufacturing sites worldwide.

As for the compact model itself, it says it is a smaller version of the Model Y. Depending on the manufacturing schedule, however, mass production of Tesla’s new entry-level model is said to be at least a year away.

There are no official statements about the upcoming compact model yet. However, Elon Musk confirmed last autumn that the carmaker has started developing a new platform for smaller electric cars. With its third platform, following those for the Model S/X and for the Model 3/Y, Tesla wants to cut its costs in half.

In the past, Musk had already made it a big goal to make electric cars cheaper. There have already been countless design sketches of the 25,000-dollar Tesla by fans and the media. There has also been speculation about possible model names such as Model 2 or Model Q – and about LFP batteries from BYD. At the beginning of 2022, however, Musk surprisingly announced that Tesla was not currently working on the entry-level Tesla because they had too much on their plate.

At an Investors Day a month ago, Tesla gave rudimentary details of its future model strategy in addition to its plans for Mexico. The manufacturer did not announce any concrete models based on the new platform and no premiere year, but two new models were teased on a presentation slide. One of them is likely to be the long-awaited compact EV, although the flat silhouette does not exactly suggest a Model Y offshoot. The second model, which is still covered up, was significantly larger and looked more like an angular SUV or a van – possibly also a preview of the robotaxi announced in Masterplan II.

Either way, the new EV platform for smaller models is expected to play an important role in Tesla’s repeatedly stated long-term goal of increasing sales by 50 per cent per year: According to Musk, vehicles based on the platform would account for more sales than all other Tesla vehicles combined. The figures fit the picture. However, the current and announced production capacities would not yet cover such an output of four million compact vehicles – not even excluding the already existing series.

Just yesterday, Tesla made its production and delivery figures public for the first quarter of 2023. With 440,808 electric cars produced and 422,875 delivered, the Texas-based manufacturer achieved new records. Deliveries, in particular, are running more smoothly than before.


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