Viggo financed to expand ride-hailing & HPC charging

The Danish ride-hailing company Viggo has secured funding for its international expansion. A Norwegian venture capital fund and a group of private investors from Canada have invested a total of 3.27 million euros in Viggo.

Viggo offers a ride-hailing service with electric vehicles along with a network of urban ultra-fast charging infrastructure for private and business drivers in Denmark. The ride-hailing and infrastructure provider operates primarily with battery electric cars, but in Oslo also with the fuel cell car Toyota Mirai and meanwhile also urban HPC hubs. The company says it aims to expand its ultra-fast charging services in its home market and take on international markets, saying it will “compete with fossil fuel taxi companies”. Concrete markets for the expansion have not yet been revealed.

The main investor, Link Capital, was recently listed by the World Economic Forum as one of the 17 most innovative funds in the world. Only one name has been revealed among the Canadian investors: Former world heavyweight boxing champion Lennox Lewis is said to be among the backers.

“We are extremely happy and proud that such forward thinking investors can see the potential in Viggo and share our vision for the future of electric urban transportation and time effective charging infrastructure,” says Viggo CEO Kenneth Herschel.

Christian Rangen, Chairman of Link Capital, adds, “The Viggo concept is highly scalable and the combination of ultra-fast charging and an app-based ride-hailing service offers a unique value proposition, which is a good fit in many markets.”

Viggo was founded in Copenhagen in 2019 and has since relied on electric cars for its ride-hailing services. In 2020, the company ordered 300 Fisker Ocean, which should join the fleet from Q2 2023. In August last year, the company told electrive, that its 135-strong fleet includes Tesla cars of all models as well as Jaguar I-PACE, Mercedes EQB, EQC, WQE & EQV, Hyundai Ioniq 5, Ford Mustang E-Mach Kia EV6.

The company expects to provide over one million rides this year. Within the next twelve months, 100 charging stations will be opened under the ViggoEnergy label.


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