Charge myHyundai now includes 500k charge points in Europe


Hyundai’s charging service Charge myHyundai now offers access to half a million charge points in 30 European countries. The service includes the Ionity and Digital Charging Solutions networks, among others.

Hyundai does not break down how many AC, DC and ultra-rapid charge points make up the 500,000 mark. Still, the company’s press office notes the “ever-increasing number of charging points across the continent alleviates range anxiety, while high-power chargers ensure short charging times for customers.

Charge myHundai offers two different tariffs: The ‘Flex’ option occurs with no monthly fees, but there are also no fixed charging costs. Hence, the customer has to find out about the respective conditions at that charging station before each charging process. The ‘Easy’ tariff costs €4.99 per month (free for one year for customers of the Ioniq 6 First Edition) and includes fixed rates for AC and DC charging. These are 0.44€/kWh (AC) and 0.79€/kWh (DC). In both tariffs, the price at Ionity is also 0.79€/kWh. As reported, however, an optional Ionity package for €13 per month can lower the KWh prices at Ionity to €0.29/kWh.

Drivers may access the network with their RFID card or the Charge myHyundai app. The app also includes navigation filter options such as plug type, charging speed and access type, and real-time updates on charging fees and availability, according to Hyundai. The charge card and the app solution result in one monthly invoice for all charging sessions.

In addition, the incoming Ioniq 6 will come with Plug&Charge capability this year.

Just yesterday, the Volkswagen subsidiary Elli also announced it was offering access to half a million charge points in Europe.


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