Elli charging network comprises 500,000 charging points


The Volkswagen subsidiary Elli now offers access to half a million charging points in Europe. Elli customers can charge their EVs at around 950 providers in 28 European countries, regardless of the car brand.

The milestone of 500,000 charging points comes only about four months after Elli reached the 400,000 mark, which Volkswagen announced in December 2022. Elli offers “Europe’s largest and fastest-growing charging network,” VW said in the statement.

Of the 500,000 charging points, the vast majority are AC charging points, but the exact number (nor the number of DC charging points with up to 100 kW power) is not specified in the press release. On the other hand, Elli states that access to 33,000 HPC points is now possible via its own charging network. Around 5,000 charging points already have Plug&Charge; the automatic start and settlement of a charging process without a charging card, app or RFID chip.

In expanding its charging network, Elli relies on numerous cooperations and partnerships, including with energy providers such as Enel and Iberdrola, the mineral oil company BP and Ionity. However, VW does not specify which partners and in which regions the additional 100,000 charging points have been integrated since December.

The Elli charging network is primarily known as the basis for the charging services of numerous VW brands. The VW service ‘We Charge’, ‘Easy Charging’ from Seat and Cupra, the ‘Powerpass’ from Skoda and, as reported, ‘Audi Charging‘ have also been using the Elli charging network since January. These 500,000 charging points can now be used via all these services. In addition, Elli also acts as a mobility service provider for drivers of electric cars from all manufacturers.

“Half a million charging points in the Elli charging network represent an important milestone on our e-mobility roadmap,” says Thomas Schmall, Group Chief Technology Officer. “Together with our partners we are building a comprehensive, seamless charging network in Europe.” The rapid expansion of the charging infrastructure is a prerequisite for the ramp-up of e-mobility, VW says in the statement.


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