USA: Hertz and Atlanta enter public-private partnership


Hertz and the US city of Atlanta, Georgia, have entered a public-private partnership to bring more electric vehicles to the city. Some 4,000 additional EVs will be available to private and business customers and rideshare drivers.

As a result of the partnership called ‘Hertz Electrifies Atlanta,’ the city will be home to Hertz’s third largest EV fleet in the US. Moreover, the city is “an important location for EV rideshare driving, through a partnership between Hertz and Uber,” it says in the press release. Together with bp, the car rental company will set up eight public fast-chargers at its ‘Hertz Uber Rental and EV Charging Location’ near Atlanta’s international airport to further support EV usage for ridesharing services.

The partnership is part of Hertz’s national initiative ‘Hertz Electrifies.’ The goal is to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles, while creating economic opportunity and environmental benefits for communities.

To that end, Hertz also wants to educate the city’s next generation on electric mobility. It is partnering with Atlanta College and Career Academy (ACCA) to offer EV education and training opportunities as part of the college’s auto servicing curriculum. To that end, Hertz is donating a Chevy Volt and will help provide summer jobs through Atlanta’s ‘Summer Youth Employment Program.’

“This initiative will help ensure our students have access to a high-growth industry and be part of our green energy future,” says Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens. Atlanta Public Schools Superintendent Lisa Herring adds: “Access to hands-on experience with the latest technology is critical for Atlanta Public Schools scholars as we prepare them for careers we can’t even begin to imagine.”

Atlanta is the third US city to engage in a public-private partnership with the rental company. Denver, Colorado, and Houston, Texas, signed similar launched similar partnerships in January and March of this year.



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