Fisker to integrate battery swapping technology


Fisker wants to offer its debut model Ocean with replaceable batteries in the future. This is made possible by a cooperation with the US specialist Ample.

The joint development of the battery exchange start-up Ample and electric car manufacturer Fisker is already underway. The goal is to have the first Fisker Ocean with a battery swap system available as early as the first quarter of 2024. The electric car received sales approval for Europe just a few weeks ago and the first models are to be delivered in a couple of days. Then, of course, still without an exchangeable battery.

“Our partnership with Ample will enable us to broaden the vehicle use case for our customers,” said Henrik Fisker, chairman and CEO of Fisker Inc. “We’re thrilled to offer Ample’s innovative battery-swapping system, which will bring a new level of affordability to the Fisker Ocean and potentially to the other vehicles we intend to bring to market in the future.”

Fisker is primarily targeting fleet customers in the US and Europe with this offer. This is because the electric vehicles could then be supplied with energy just as quickly as combustion models at the petrol pump, the manufacturer writes in its statement.

In addition, it should enable Fisker to offer its vehicles faster and in more markets. This is because, with the joint solution, infrastructure could be provided more quickly than with a proprietary system from Fisker with an exclusive infrastructure, such as with the Chinese manufacturer Nio.

Ample relies on a battery swap system based on autonomous robotics and smart battery technology that can restore a full battery to an electric car within minutes. When test stations were installed in Japan and New York in 2021, the company announced that its solution could be “installed in an entire city within six weeks”.

Fisker and Ample intend to share the revenue associated with the battery-swapping tech. How the expenses are to be distributed on the way to possible revenues, however, is not mentioned in the communication.


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