Tesla must upgrade all of its cars in China


Tesla has to upgrade the regenerative braking system of all Tesla cars in China via a software update, which adds up to around 1.1 million electric cars. All model series are affected, both imported vehicles and those manufactured in China. This partially concerns a function that many a European Tesla driver would also like to see return.

The Chinese authority for market regulation complains that Tesla’s electric cars lack the possibility to select the intensity of the regenerative braking system, i.e. the recuperation levels. The public authority also says that drivers are not sufficiently warned when the power pedal is pressed hard for a long period.

According to the CN EV Post, Tesla had dropped the lowest level of recuperation from cars delivered in China from January 2021, which is meant to get drivers used to one-pedal driving. Outside China, this previously available feature was also removed via software update.



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