Spain includes pre-owned vehicles in subsidiary programme


The Spanish government is extending its EV subsidy Moves III to include pre-owned vehicles. But they cannot be more than a year old. Moreover, fleet operators can apply for grants for more electric cars than before.

The e-mobility subsidy programme Moves III launched in 2021. The government earmarked €1.2 million for the programme, after increasing the budget again by €400 million at the end of 2022. Aid was initially restricted to new electric and hybrid vehicles: up to €7,000 for electric cars, up to €9,000 for an electric van, or up to €5,000 for plug-in or electric hybrids.

EV owners can now apply for subsidies, even if the car is pre-owned. However, only if it is not older than 12 months. The National Association of Vehicle Sellers and Repairers (GANVAM) called the age limit “insufficient”, local media reports.

“If the Government wants to turn electric cars into an affordable option for the majority of citizens, it is necessary to extend the aid to 36-month models,” the association writes. “Specifically, a state-of-the-art electric car with the maximum incentive applied is around 40,000 euros, while a three-year-old model can cost 50 per cent less.”

Moreover, the government increased the maximum number of subsidised vehicles per applicant from 50 to 250 units to promote the renewal of public and commercial fleets. In addition, dealers will be able to sell more demonstration cars. The limit was increased from 30 to 90 vehicles. The maximum age allowed for these demonstration cars will increase by three months, meaning they can be up to one year old.

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